Network Speed Test

Broadband Speed Test

Even the best hosted phone systems require a proper network connection to bring the high-quality service you expect. To properly evaluate your broadband connection, the VoIP speed test quickly and accurately provides a glimpse of your system’s bandwidth and line quality.

What You Will Learn

You can expect to see what your current upload and download speeds are for that moment that you run the test. Upload is going to be slower and it affects your ability to send and post information online or in the cloud. Download is going to be a greater number and will represent what your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is supposed to provide. This speed affects how well you can stream content and download from the internet.

Then What?

That part is up to you. You will get an idea of how well your network operates however, depending on the time of day and the amount and types of users you have on the network at the time of the test, your results could vary substantially. When you use this speed test in conjunction with a complete diagnostic of your network, then you can begin to prioritize your bandwidth to get optimum performance out of the services you need most, namely your VoIP business calls.

To get started on a complete evaluation, check out our how our experts can deliver a comprehensive understanding of your network and, more importantly, a strategy for how you can maximize its contribution to your business.

Note: The VoIP test may prompt you to ‘Allow’ applets from  to run.

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