02 Oct

Best Hosted VoIP Provider Plans

Learn where Your Business can Tap Into the Best Hosted VoIP Provider Plans

Take Communications between Customers and Employees to Another Level

Learn where Your Business can Tap Into the Best Hosted VoIP Provider Plans to Take Communications between Customers and Employees to Another Level

TieTechnology is leading the industry with the best hosted VoIP provider plans, coming in a variety of packages, providing exceptional quality, superior flexibility, and a whole new take on commercial communication.

The world of commerce moves fast, and it requires vigilance to stay-on-top of the latest developments, particularly those which are most beneficial to leverage. For instance, Cisco IP phones clearly demonstrated where technology can best tradition. For many decades, businesses relied on outdated, bulky, and complex networks for communications between team members and customers. Now, Voice over Internet Protocol offers an extensive array of traditional and new features that bolster productivity, reduce costs, streamline hardware, and host a rich suite of options.

In fact, the best hosted VoIP solutions, like those offered by TieTechnology, a leading name in Voice over Internet Protocol, provide businesses with exceptional power. Companies utilizing the latest in technological communications are tapping into a new world. A look at some of the many benefits leaves no question why this phenomenon is so widespread.

Low costs communication solutions. When businesses use VoIP business phone service, savings are realized every month. Savings are due to the traditional telephony that relies on outdated, bulky infrastructure. These antiquated systems require a lot of niche technological expertise to setup, maintain, and change. The sheer volume of hardware and equipment, along with programming, causes rates to be substantially higher than VoIP. In fact, it’s not uncommon for businesses to save between 40 and 80 percent per month, just on phone service alone.

Improved features. While traditional telephony offers call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, and a host of other features, these are quite limited about VoIP. By comparison, VoIP offers these standard features, but many more. What’s more, these calling features, which include call recording, don’t require la carte charges.

Ease of setup. There’s just no comparison between the two — traditional telephone systems require a substantial amount of hardware. Conversely, VoIP is easy to setup, and, it’s simple to add or remove extensions, calling features, and more. No advanced programming is required, and the user interface provides intuitive user interaction.

Flexible compatibility. Unlike traditional telephone systems hooked to specific connections, VoIP is highly flexible and will work with nearly any type of device. This capability means businesses can “mix and match” equipment for specific needs. Moving is a cinch with this technology because it is portable.

Two more reasons businesses embrace VoIP are quality and reliability. This technology sends small data packets, which travel at higher speeds than traditional landlines. Because of this, voice and data transmission enjoy high quality. Also, these systems are reliable and downtimes are rare occurrences.