About Us

About TieTechnology

Started in 2002 by Telecom Industry Executives and built around a common core belief that service is the missing entity to the customer experience, TieTechnology specializes in business services that include: Voip Buisness phone service, cloud solutions, merchant cash advance, credit card processing and online marketing strategies to form a wide array of one stop solutions that allow customers to do what they do best. Run their businesses.

With solutions ranging from Voice and Data, to business lending, to Google SEO. TieTechnology can create a solution tailored around specific needs. Whether you wish to streamline operations, increase worker productivity or simple cost reduction, we believe TieTechnology can provide a competitive edge to you and your clients.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Don Anderson
- Founder/President/CEO

Don launched TieTechnology in 2002, with the belief that the customer experience is the key to a successful company. In 2009, Don’s vision and initiative to bring new applications to business customers for unified communications has steered TieTechnology to deliver an unmatched product set with an unrivaled customer experience. With an entrepreneurial spirit, extensive communications and marketing background, He is leading TieTechnology as one the nation’s fastest growing voip business phone service providers.

Valerie Whitt
- Finance Manager

Valerie Whitt is TieTechnology’s Executive Vice President of Finance- with over 15 years’ experience in financing for businesses ranging from Merchant Lending to Private Placements. Her vast Finance experience has been a key in making TieTechnology a stable, fast growing, voip business phone service success.

Connie Wright - Vice President of Social Media

Connie has over 15 years of experience, and has been leading the charge for TieTechnology’s Social media initiative for the last 8 years. Connie has managed several nationwide accounts for various online initiatives and specializes in TieTechnology's branding with a high level of creativity and execution. Connie and her team are regularly seen leading TieTechnology's social media as well as our customer’s live experience.

J. Stephens
- Executive Vice President -Sales

Jay has been in telecommunications for over 10 years and is the cofounder of the cloud services division, He offers a high level energy, excitement and enthusiasm to TieTechnology's growth and direction. Prior to joining Tietechnology, Jay was a Financial Executive on Wall Street. . Jay manages TieTechnology’s ISO relationships, Enterprise Sales team and the franchise opportunities department. Jay’s belief in the customer experience being paramount to a successful company, align perfectly into TieTechnology’s culture and core belief.

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