02 Oct

Best Business Internet Phone Rates

Businesses are discovering the many benefits of VoIP business phone service. Instead of using traditional landline services, which rely on outdated technology based on what is known as PBX or private branch exchange, VoIP utilizes cutting-edge cloud computing.

Companies are making the switch to take advantage of the many benefits VoIP offers over traditional telephony, which uses the large and cumbersome equipment. Businesses of all sizes and across many industries are discovering the following benefits:

Enhanced productivity experience. Voice over Internet Protocol offers a very robust variety of features. With a hosted business phone provider, team members can get more done with easy access to some productivity features. These include, but are not limited to call forwarding, call waiting, call recording, voice conferencing, and video conferencing.

Low-cost communications usage. When businesses compare hosted VoIP business service plans to traditional landline service, there’s no question that is less expensive. Companies can make long distance and international calls at minimal cost. What’s more, there is little to no acquisition costs involved with VoIP.

Easy to relocate equipment. One of the biggest obstacles to relocating a business is moving its operations from one location to another. During this time, communication with customers and between employees is typically limited. That’s not the case with VoIP, which can be moved seamlessly from one location to another with no technical expertise necessary.

Manage data remotely. Because VoIP uses cloud computing, all data, and communications flow remotely. This technology allows businesses to manage virtually all communications remotely, accessing texts, faxes, email, instant messages, and voicemail from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Ability to collaborate on-the-go. VoIP gives employees the ability to work remotely from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This ability greatly improves productivity and collaboration and also provides better customer experience. Also, order and service management are available wherever an employee might be — at home, off-site, or, on the road.